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CBFI is a worldwide leader in Large Ice Machines(1-100tons, above 100tons daily capacity) due to their unmatched stability, serviceability and support. Our machines are gaining more and more popularity in the domestic and overseas market with our strong focus on the high-quality of our machines.

We have developed the electronics and PLC components that are applied throughout our machines. The whole machine adopts a fully automatic operation to save human labor.

We decided early on that we only use the best components to ensure the reliability and adaptability of our electronic systems. High-performance components are used in our machines and are all fixed with industrial grade waterproof panels, providing our customers with the most reliable, serviceable and durable design in the ice making industry.

The freezing technology that we applied in our machines is considered as the most reliable choice for our customers and has earned the best performance ratings in the market. With our advanced refrigeration technology applied in our machines, the freezing time can be shortened and the cooling effect of the whole machine can be improved.

CBFI promises that all of our products are CE approved and that our machines can meet the various needs of our customers since all of our machines are offered with custom service.

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