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Ice Machines

CBFI is an innovative and entrepreneurial high-tech enterprise that integrates research, design, manufacture, sales, and after-sales service of a large-scale edible ice making equipment, large-scale industrial ice making equipment, high-end commercial ice making machines, complete ice making system and small and large cold storage project.

CBFI offers a wide range of ice machines (1-100tons, above 100tons daily capacity)that include the tube ice machine, cube ice machine, block ice machine, direct cooling block ice machine, plate ice machine, flake ice machine, pure ice machine, edible flake ice machine, nugget ice machine. CBFI ice machine are widely used in food, fishery, retail, fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, chemicals, medical, construction, minerals and other fields for cooling, storage and preservation. All of them have been widely received been our customers due to their reliability and advanced technology that we have adopted. 

Easy maintenance is the manufacturing principle that we have kept in mind throughout the entire production line of the ice machine to ensure that our customers can quickly and easily replace any component on the machine even with no little knowledge or experience. Our entire operation system features automatic operation, making the whole operation and manufacturing an easy process for all of our customers.

We have many years of experience in refrigeration equipment research and development, so we can design and manufacture very high-tech and high-performance refrigeration equipment for our customers. Our ice machine has good thermal insulation performance and longer ice storage time and is very cost-effective for reducing customers' cost of investment. Compared to other products, all the ice machines manufactured by CBFI meet food-grade hygiene standards and all refrigerators use durable parts.

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