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Features of tube ice


They are manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products are favored by domestic and foreign markets. They are now widely exported to 200 countries.

  • Argentina 10 tons tube ice machine case
    Argentina 10 tons tube ice machine case
    The majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humor, words which don't look even slightly.
  • Ireland 120 tons solid cut flat tube ice machine case
    Ireland 120 tons solid cut flat tube ice machine case
    The client wanted to build a large-scale ice plant to cover the local ice business. CBFI conducted a field survey of the client's factory to understand the details. The client was very satisfied with the design proposal
  • A case study of a solid cut flat tube ice evaporator for a 30t ammonia system in Denmark
    A case study of a solid cut flat tube ice evaporator for a 30t ammonia system in Denmark
    China's first 30tons ammonia system solid-cut flat tube ice machine.customers find local engineers to install, CBFI's professional after-sales team provides online assistance for installation, the machine is installed and used smoothly
  • The case of two 3-ton tube ice machines in South Korea
    The case of two 3-ton tube ice machines in South Korea
    The client wanted to build an automated food grade tube ice plant to sell ice cubes, which are widely used for beverage cooling in cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels
  • Spain 30T solid cut flat tube ice machine case'
    Spain 30T solid cut flat tube ice machine case'
    Customer was bar owner, as the competition of the business is becoming fiercer. He finds out ice business is a new area, with less competition, and higher profit
  • Italy 30 tons tube ice machine case
    Italy 30 tons tube ice machine case
    CBFI's tube ice production system is stable, and the output of equipment is less affected by seasons, which can ensure a stable supply of tube ice. Blast ice and our tube ice machines are of great quality!

1.Q:What are the diameters of the tube ice machine? Are the prices the same?
    A:We have 22mm, 28mm, 35mm pipe diameter to choose from, the price is the same.

2.Q:What is the length of the tube ice machine? Can it be adjusted?

   A:The standard length is 30-45 mm. It can be adjusted, but it needs to be informed before placing an order. After the machine is ready, it cannot be changed.

3.Q:How big is the hole in the middle of the tube ice? Can it be done without holes?

   A:6~8mm. There is no hole, it is solid ice, it can be made, but the unit of the machine will be much larger, so the price of the whole machine is much higher.

4.Q:What is the tube ice temperature? What is the density?

   A:The temperature is -3 degrees. Density is 550 kg/m3.

5.Q:How often does the machine produce ice? How much ice is out at a time?

   A:About once every 20 minutes, the ice making time is slightly different for different ice cube sizes. One time every 20 minutes, 72 times a day. A rough calculation of machine output/72 times of               ice output at one time, for example, 10,000 kg/72 times of ice output at one time for a 10-ton machine = 139kg/time.

6.Q:One of the compressors of the tube ice machine is broken, can I still make ice normally?

   A:It can make ice, but when the compressor is broken, the expansion valve and the power of the exhaust end do not match the capacity of the evaporator, so it is not recommended to start it. It is           recommended to find an engineer to overhaul the compressor in the shortest possible time and restore the normal operation of the machine as soon as possible.

7.Q:Can your tube ice machine run on single-phase electricity?

   A:1 ton and less than 1 ton can be used as single-phase electricity, but the compressor and other motors need to be customized, and the price is higher than the standard three-phase electricity.

8.Q:How long does it take for the ice in the tube ice machine to stick together in the ice storage? How often does it pack without forming a clump? Is there any way to keep the ice                    cubes from sticking together?

   A:We generally recommend packing once every two hours out of ice. If they are stuck together, use a 304 stainless steel tube to stir the tube ice and it will be separated. If it has been bagged and           stuck together, pick it up and shake it and then it will be separated.

9.Q:How much ice can the ice bucket store at most?

   A:Look at the size of the configured ice storage bin

10.Q:What kind of maintenance should the tube ice machine do and how often should it be maintained?

     A:The operation of our tube ice machine is very stable, and generally there will be no problems if it is used normally according to the instructions. If cleaning is required for maintenance, we                      recommend that the cooling tower, condenser and evaporator be cleaned regularly for three months to prevent excessive water scale from affecting the operating efficiency of the machine.                   Six months to one year, check the amount and cleanliness of the compressor oil, and replace the filter element.

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