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Market introduction

The market demand for tube ice machines is very large and still growing. As the various industries have higher and higher requirements for personalized and differentiated services of ice machines, the technical level of tube ice machines is also improving. At present, CBFI has mastered the core technology of tube ice machines, and has upgraded the tube ice machines on the original basis. This new machine is called solid flat-cut tube ice machine. Compared with the original tube ice machine, the ice cubes made by the solid flat-cut tube ice machine have no holes in the middle, and melt much slower than ordinary tube ice, resulting in a better taste of the wine. Consumers can enjoy the original flavor of the wine, and the tube ice has a high ornamental value, widely used in European and American countries. For some ice factory owners, the solid flat-cut tube ice has better sales, and the ice cubes can be sold more expensive, with a broad market prospect. In the next few years, it will be sought after by people all over the world.

The appearance difference between the tube ice machine and the solid cut flat tube ice machine
Melt resistance embodiment

start time ice

Melt resistance embodiment

end time ice

CBFI Solid Cut Flat Tube Ice Machine Full Cylinder Ice10-30Tons Freon/Ammonia System

product-CBFI Huge Demand Solid Full Cylinders Tube Ice Making Machine-CBFI-img

Price Advantage

--CBFI(Guangzhou Icesource) is the only manufacturer of Solid Tube Ice(with flat cut ends) Machine in China. And the price has an absolute advantage

than other manufaturer in Europe. 

--CBFI saw cut(Solid No Hole)Tube ice machines are the the most recently developed model for high requirement ice user. Our special technology allows a solid frozen tube ice with a saw cutting design to produce clear and delicate clear ice cylinders with flat cut ends.

Solid Cut Flat Tube Ice Machine Feature

1、Hard, Clear solid tube ice with no hole

2、Cartridge’ saw cutting mechanism-The exclusive design of solid tube ice with saw cut(Special designed by CBFI)

■ Patented saw cut technology, ensure the cutting is flat, saw cut rate is above 95% 

■ Rust-resistant, Corrosion-resistant and Durable cutting blade, used SUS440C (Scalpel grade material) 

■ Patented refrigeration technology, prevents all the problem might brought by the  change of load, ensure the stable running of the whole refrigeration system. 

■Exclusive ice making water control system, ensure solid ice rate is above 98%

3、Both ammonia and Freon system are applicable. Capacity range from 10 to 30 tons.

4、Tube-ice 22mm, 28mm, 35mm,41mm Diameter available, other sizes can also be customized according to customer requirement. 


1、Make higher quality ice to be more competitive in the market,cater for higher quality demand.

2、Higher quality ice for more profit

3、Effective and mass production of quality ice, no molds.

4、Factory tested to assure proper operation and reduce installation time. 

China's first 30 ton solid cut flat tube ice machine (ammonia)case in europe

The customer is one of the largest fully automatic ice factories in Europe. In order to meet the ice demand of the market, the customer choose to cooperate with CBFI, so why CBFI?
*Because CBFI can provide equipment that meets European CE import and installation standards, it is also the only manufacturer in China that can produce such equipment.
*Compared with machines of the same quality in Europe, the price has an absolute advantage, reducing customer costs, allowing customers to recover costs in the shortest time and obtain profits.
With the assistance of CBFI professional engineers, the machine was successfully installed and the ice tube have been sold to the European market.

product-CBFI-CBFI Huge Demand Solid Full Cylinders Tube Ice Making Machine-img

The parameters of the ice machine


Solid Tube Ice Application

Widely used in drink cooling 、food Processing 、fishery、food preservation、supermarket and other industries.

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