View of Factory

CBFI moved to the new factory house in the year 2017 with near 20,000 square meters area. We split the factory into several blocks, including a two storey office, a cold room exhibition room, the main workshop, the secondary workshop, warehouse, and etc.

In the office we have more than 100 personnel including our R&D team, sales department, and after-sales engineers. All of our colleagues adhere to our company motto “Customers Benefit From Icesource” to do better business altogether with you.

In the cold room exhibition room we present you our PU panels and different kinds of cold room components and projects, you can know that how your cold room will be like just in our factory.

In the workshop we applied multiple large crane, laser cutter, laser welding machine, and several CNC machines to produce better products.

After production we have severe commissioning and testing process to ensure the capacity and stability of your machines.

After the contract signed and advance payment, we will complete the machine in 30~45 working days.




Our company can offer various kinds of cold storage solutions for customers who need to build a refrigeration plant if an open space is available.