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CBFI R&D Freon System Tube Ice Machine(1-30tons daily capacity) and Ammonia System Tube Ice Machine(10-80tons daily capacity) .The tube ice machine is a mechanical device for producing tube ice. It has a hollow or solid cylinder that is widely used for beverage cooling in cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels.


For more than a decade, we have been committed to the R&D and manufacturing of ice machines for many years, and we are fully confident to provide you with the best tube ice equipment solutions.

The tube ice machine is an ice making machine. It is named for its ability to produce hollow ice of irregular length. The outer diameter of the ice tube is φ22mm, φ28mm, φ35mm, etc. and the length is between 25~45mm, and the inner diameter can be adjusted during the ice forming process usually between φ5~10mm.

The ice tube is thick and crystal clear, and it takes a long time to melt or store. The gas permeability is good so it is widely used in daily food, fruit and vegetable preservation, aquatic products preservation, etc.

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