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Maintenance method and fault diagnosis of flake ice machine

The flake ice machine adopts PLC programmable control system, which automatically shuts down the equipment for possible failures to protect the safe and stable operation of the equipment. Sunde flake ice electrical box has 4 alarm lights, corresponding to 4 failure states: full ice protection, water shortage protection, overload protection, and system failure. 1. The full ice protection indicator light is on and the alarm light is on, there are two situations. 1. The ice storage bin is full. This situation is normal. You only need to take out the ice in the ice storage bin, and the ice maker will automatically start again after 5 minutes. 2. The ice storage bin is not full but the light is on, indicating that the full ice probe of the flake industrial ice maker is malfunctioning. Remedy, check whether the ice-filled probe remains in the same straight line (as shown in the figure below). If it is found that the probe is not in the same straight line, please adjust the up and down position of the probe until it stays in the same straight line. If the alarm light is still in the same straight line, please wipe the lens of the infrared probe with a cloth. If the fault is still not eliminated, please replace the full ice probe or contact the manufacturer. 2. The water shortage protection indicator light is on. 1. If the alarm light is on, please check whether the tap water is supplied normally and ensure that the tap water pressure is 0.15-0.5MPa. 2. Check whether the float valve in the water tank of the flake ice machine is blocked by debris. If any debris is blocked, please clean up the debris and keep the float valve open. 3. Check whether the water return port in the water tank of the ice maker is blocked. If there is a blockage, please clean up the debris and keep the water return port unblocked. 4. Check whether the water level probe is stuck with foreign matter or the probe is damaged. If the water shortage indicator is on, check whether the water supply valve is adjusted to the correct position. Flake ice machine knowledge diagram 3. Overload protection 1. Compressor overload: Check whether the compressor current is normal, and adjust the appropriate overload current value. Check the compressor circuit for phase loss or short circuit. If the compressor is faulty or damaged, please replace the compressor in time. 2. Reducer overload: ① Check whether the geared motor is abnormal or burned out. If it is burned out, please replace it in time. ②Check whether the salt water concentration is too high, and adjust the salt water concentration to the correct ratio. ③Check whether the ice skate bearing is damaged. The method of operation is to reset the fault button of the thermal relay in the electric box and restart the machine. Observe the ice formation in the ice bucket. For example, the ice flakes in the ice bucket are much thicker than normal ice flakes and stick to the inner wall of the ice bucket. The ice blade cannot cut the ice normally. In this case, the ice blade bearing is damaged and the ice blade bearing needs to be replaced, or please contact the manufacturer. 3. Fan overload: Check whether the fan rotates and whether the fan is abnormal. If the fan is damaged, please replace it in time. 4. System failure. This alarm light has 4 failure phenomena: phase failure, phase error, high voltage, and low voltage. 1. Phase failure: Check whether the power supply of the machine is lacking in phase and whether the wiring is loose, and strengthen the wiring in time. 2. Wrong phase: the phase sequence is reversed, just swap any two of the three live wires. 3. High pressure failure: check whether the condenser is blocked by debris. Check whether the refrigerant charge is too much. Check whether the high-pressure pressure controller is damaged. 4. Low pressure failure: check whether the refrigeration system is blocked. Check whether the refrigerant in the refrigeration system is missing. Check whether the solenoid valve is damaged. Whether the low pressure pressure controller is damaged. Check whether the water supply pump of the system supplies water normally.
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