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Difference between industrial ice maker and commercial ice maker

March 20, 2020

At present, the industry competition of industrial ice machines and commercial ice machine is mainly reflected in market competition and technology competition. In the past 10 years, various enterprises have different manifestations in different application fields, but there are certain differences in market share.

 Industrial ice machines need more powerful R & D technology and have a wider range of applications.

 Due to the large ice-making capacity and the need for corresponding refrigeration systems, industrial ice machine often require non-standard products and refrigeration and corresponding circulating water, electrical control system design, factory prefabrication, and on-site assembly, so it is necessary to have strong technical expertise.  CBFI Industrial ice machines products are widely used in the fields of cooling, storage, freshness and other fields of food, retail, aquatic products, chemicals, water conservancy, hydropower, medical, construction, mining and other industries.

At present, there are relatively few domestic manufacturers of industrial ice machines.

Most of the products with small ice-making capacity in commercial ice makers are sold as factory-made molded products, which can be used after being connected to a power source. The ice maker with large capacity is generally a split type, and there are some similar to the industrial ice maker. Therefore, small and medium-sized commercial ice machines are more competitive in the domestic market. They account for a large share in supermarket chains, retail industries, food processing, hotel groups, civil aviation systems, KFC and McDonald's international catering groups.

 Because the traditional way of life of our country is different from that of western countries, domestic ice makers have not yet formed a large-scale market in our households. China's domestic ice maker manufacturers are mainly aimed at foreign markets.



However, commercial ice machines have a single application area.

 From the perspective of the world, the market size of commercial ice makers is larger than that of industrial ice makers. However, the commercial ice maker has a single application industry field, which is mainly used in the food and beverage related industries, while industrial ice makers are in a variety of industries such as food processing, fishing, construction, and chemicals.


In order to reduce various costs, lots of customers are more inclined to  industrial ice machines.

 As far as the ice-making industry is concerned, the current development trend is large-scale and intensive. More and more customers have switched from multiple commercial ice maker production models to a single industrial ice maker production model. The advantage of the transformation lies in the reduced operating costs, including energy costs, labor costs, production land costs, and more. For end customers who originally used commercial ice makers, due to high electricity prices and ice water purification treatment issues, customers are more inclined to buy bagged ice cubes from large ice factories using CBFI industrial ice machines.This is manifested in the market, that is, the total market for commercial ice makers is shrinking, and the total market for industrial ice machine is increasing.

Let's take a look at the industrial ice machine that is more popular in the market recently---the direct cooling block ice machine, which not only makes ice faster, but also is clean and hygienic, which can be applied to industry as well as commercial applications. The ice cubes produced by it have a wide range of applications, and can be used wherever ice blocks are needed. Of course, it is no exception for food preservation, such as the storage of fresh fruits and vegetables.

For example, the block ices produced by the kind of industrial ice maker can be used to keep fresh fruits and vegetables fresh. Because of the action of microorganisms, various organic substances in fruits and vegetables will undergo chemical reactions under the action of different microorganisms, causing the fruits and vegetables to rot, thereby losing their original nutritional value and commercial value. Therefore, in the process of transportation, display and purchase, how to maintain natural quality, convenience and low energy consumption has become the primary consideration for merchants and consumers. When harvesting and processing fresh fruits and vegetables, the use of ice blocks can reduce their metabolism and bacterial growth rate, thereby extending the freshness of agricultural products and vegetables. This not only reduces the cost losses for merchants, but also enables consumers to buy and taste fresh and safe fruits and vegetables.

In addition,the merchants of industrial ice making machine will use ice cutters to cut it into cube ice, rock ice, ball ice and other ice cubes to apply to cold drinks and alcoholic beverages.

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