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Lithium bromide absorption chiller and applications

People usually use of a steam boiler or direct heat of combustion of fuel to refrigeration, but doing so cold water machine heat energy utilization efficiency is low, energy consumption is usually compression type cold water machine 1. 4 - 2 times.

use the solar energy hot water, although not requires fuel, but cold water machine equipment initial investment cost is more, are greatly influenced by climate, it is unable to promotion, the use of secondary steam turbine or engine to produce all kinds of waste heat is the most energy-efficient way, this is the lithium bromide absorption chiller is called the cause of energy saving products.

the lithium bromide absorption chiller and produce all kinds of waste gas, waste heat or secondary steam of various machinery and equipment joint operation, in order to improve the heat utilization.

the lithium bromide absorption industrial ice machine operation mode mainly include lithium bromide absorption chiller, separate operation lithium bromide absorption industrial ice machine and centrifugal chiller joint operation, lithium bromide absorption chiller and joint running of the steam turbine unit, lithium bromide absorption industrial ice machine and heat recovery device, electric installations, joint operations, etc.

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