Vacuum freeze drier in freeze-dried compression vegetables upgrade benefits

by:CBFI     2020-10-02
Freeze-dried compression vegetables is to the vegetables processing and then according to different mould can be made into different shapes of the vegetable compression block, after vacuum freeze drier low-temperature freeze-drying, can be made into freeze-dried block compression vegetables. Upgrade the benefits of such a freeze-dried compression vegetables, the following problems:

as the life rhythm speeding up, all kinds of convenience food arises at the historic moment, is popular among consumers. Existing is made with dried vegetables in the supermarket after dehydration processing, a natural state in the bag, although can extend the storage time of vegetables, but there are very swollen volume, and the dried vegetable is very fragile, not weight, otherwise it is easy to be broken. Obviously, the dried vegetable is neither easy to transport, storage, also the inconvenience or army marching in travel and field operations is not convenient to carry. The freeze-dried compressed vegetables block well solve these problems.
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