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Food safety issues should be paid attention to when using the snowflake ice maker for catering

With the improvement of people's living standards and the expansion of the leisure catering industry, more and more people have the habit of adding ice cubes to cold drinks and alcohol, that is, the habit of 'eating ice'. Ice cube ice maker The demand has increased dramatically in recent years. Under the premise of huge market demand, domestic edible ice maker manufacturers, large and small, have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. It is a commodity, there are good and bad points. When a catering company chooses an ice machine, it depends not only on the appearance, but also on the internal space design, main configuration and technical content of the machine, and comprehensively consider choosing an ice machine that meets the needs of the company.  Snowflake ice maker for catering is a motor-driven device that uses a vapor compression refrigeration cycle to make drinking water into square ice cubes. It consists of a refrigeration system, a water supply device, an ice output device, and an electrical control system. When the water flows through the refrigeration system, it can transform into ice cubes of the required thickness, and then use high-pressure hot air for deicing. According to the different principles of the evaporator and the production process, the shape of the ice produced is also different. According to the shape of the ice cubes produced, ice machines can be divided into cube ice machines, snowflake ice machines, pellet ice machines, tube ice machines, edible flake ice machines, plate ice machines, shell ice machines, etc.  The production speed of the catering snowflake ice machine is very important. Take the milk tea shop as an example. During the summer cold drink outbreak period, basically every cup of milk tea needs three to four ice cubes, and the consumption of ice cubes is huge. Commercial ice machines need to meet the huge ice volume of these catering companies in a short time, and they need to speed up production. It is reported that some businesses have installed a row-cavity spacer type ice-making evaporator for the ice maker. This evaporator has a higher cooling efficiency and can greatly increase the ice production.   The thermal insulation effect is also worth mentioning. For some store locations, there is a clear difference in passenger flow within a day. Like the milk tea shops around the school, lunch and dinner will usher in the peak period. The shopkeepers often need to reserve some ice cubes in advance. Whether the reserve ice cubes melt or not is closely related to the heat preservation effect of the cbfi ice machine. It is reported that in order to enhance the heat preservation effect of the ice machine, some companies try to add stainless steel polyurethane foam to the evaporator, the box body uses fluorine-free foam as the heat insulation layer, and the pipeline also uses heat preservation treatment equipment to promote the improvement of the equipment heat preservation effect. Since the output is edible ice cubes, which are usually added directly to food, food safety issues must also be paid attention to.
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