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Basic operating procedures of ice maker_「Deqing Ice Spring Refrigeration」


 With the development of society and the continuous improvement of production levels, the quality requirements for flake ice are getting higher and higher, which also imposes demands on the 'high performanceRequirements such as 'good quality' are becoming more and more urgent.   First, the user must check whether the automatic water supply device is normal and whether the water tank storage capacity is reasonable before starting the machine. If there is no problem, plug in the power supply and the cbfi ice machine starts to work. First, the water pump starts to run for about 2 minutes and the compressor starts to start, and the machine enters the ice making state.  Secondly, when the flake ice reaches the set thickness, the ice plate probe starts to activate, the defrost solenoid valve starts to work, and the flake ice falls in about 1 minute. When flakes of ice fall, turn the falling ice baffle over and turn on the reed switch. When the reed switch is closed again, the machine enters the flake ice state again.   Third, when the ice in the bucket is full and the reed switch cannot be automatically closed, the machine automatically stops working. When enough ice is removed and the reed switch is closed again, the machine will start after a delay of 3 minutes and enter the ice making process again.

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