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Basic installation and commissioning guidelines for ice machines


 Nowadays, whether it is the scorching heat of the summer or the severe winter, the business of the dessert shop is so good that the ice machine naturally works non-stop throughout the year. Today, I will share some tips for installing the newly purchased ice machine with everyone.

  The cbfi ice machine is best installed in a place where there is no direct sunlight and well ventilated.  The minimum ventilation distance of the ice machine condenser is at least 1 meter from the front and back of the shelter, and the height is at least 50cm from the roof. It is better to have a larger ventilation distance and keep the air flowing. The installation ground should be kept level, otherwise the machine operation will cause the storage of water in the refrigerator to affect the quality of ice produced. After installation, first check the appearance integrity of the machine, whether the ice falling channel is unobstructed, whether the fan blades rotate flexibly, whether all the shut-off valves of the unit are all opened, whether there are oil stains at each welding joint of the unit, and whether the compressor is short of oil, here is Hao Shuang reminds everyone that oil is closely related to the life of the compressor, and everyone should check the oil level and oil color from time to time.   Connect the water source and check whether the water pressure is normal. If the water pressure is too low, it will cause the machine to keep alarming. It is recommended to use a water storage tank and a booster pump when the water is stopped frequently. The water level of the inlet tank should be about 10 mm lower than the overflow, and the water level can be adjusted by the float. Also don't forget to check the voltage, the ice machine has its own separate water valve and power supply, which is very convenient for future maintenance.

   Do not make ice immediately after the cbfi ice machine is powered on. First, let the crankcase heater press the oil to heat up, and then let the unit run. Here you should listen to the operating sound of the unit and see the evaporator ice condition. The cbfi ice machine needs to add salt water. Generally, it is most suitable to add more than 200 grams of salt to a 30kg bucket. At the same time, check whether the water level of the water separator is normal.   Recently, some friends have reported that excessive water pressure may cause water to escape from the ice machine while making ice. At this time, it is necessary to close the water valve in front of the water separator.  After the unit is operating normally, we have to test some protection functions of the unit.   Water shortage protection. When the machine is stopped, the unit can be stopped by blocking the switch by hand for three minutes under normal circumstances. At present, the ice maker stops the press first, and then stops the ice skates after two minutes. This is beneficial to the next start, so that the ice in the entire ice bucket is scraped down to facilitate the thickness of the ice in the next start.

   After the above steps are completed, the ice machine can operate normally!

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