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Zhengzhong Cold Chain-Ammonia Three-dimensional Cold Storage





Construction year: 2015

Project Type: Logistics warehousing

Project capacity: 56,000 tons of cold storage

Project function: freezing/refrigeration

Temperature control requirements: -30℃~10℃

Brief introduction:

Huamei Cold Storage is located at No. 1 Huamei Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Zhengzhong Cold Chain takes the construction and operation of cold storage as the entry point, adhering to the strategic positioning of “high-end, high-quality, and high-efficiency”. The largest three-dimensional cold storage; Zhengzhong Cold Chain is committed to providing customers with a one-stop service that integrates high-quality temperature-controlled warehousing, logistics and distribution, and supply chain finance.

In 2021, Zhengzhong Cold Chain will change its name to Hemei Cold Chain. Hemei Cold Chain is committed to becoming a leading integrated service provider for the low-temperature food industry chain in China's cold chain industry. As the central warehouse for the development strategy of Hemei Cold Chain Greater Bay Area, Hemei Baoancang Huamei Cold Storage is the largest warehouse-rack integrated fully automatic low-temperature storage center in Asia, with a total storage tonnage of about 50,000 tons and pallet storage spaces of 70,000. The double-deck enclosed loading and unloading berth can meet the simultaneous operation of 49 freight vehicles. Baoan Canghuamei cold storage adopts the industry’s advanced WMS+WCS storage management system and advanced temperature control and logistics technologies such as the Internet of Things to achieve intelligent and visual management of the entire process. As an integrated cold chain food service platform.

Features of Hemei Cold Chain Huamei Cold Storage:

1. Fully automated operations: using imported stackers, the operations in the three-dimensional warehouse are fully automated, staff do not need to enter the low-temperature area, the warehouse management adopts WMS management system and WCS control system to provide convenient and convenient services for warehouse management, and inbound and outbound data binding The identification code is used for registration, inspection and inventory counting, etc., and the accounts are in conformity with the facts.

2. Cooling capacity control: high-speed electric low-temperature warehouse doors are used in low-temperature areas and work areas, and when goods are in and out, they are automatically opened and closed according to instructions to reduce the loss of cooling capacity. According to the demand of cooling capacity, the frequency is automatically adjusted, real-time calculation and control are realized, and the automatic cooling mode is realized, and the temperature difference in the freezer is controlled within 1°C.

3. Efficient operation: The maximum throughput is 720 pallets/hour, which can withstand the peak in and out requirements.

4. Unattended, automatic alarm: the refrigeration system uses a fully automatic controlled ammonia refrigeration system, Siemens PLC programming control, which can realize automatic operation control, and the system will automatically cut off and alarm when the system is abnormal.

5. This cold storage project is an automated three-dimensional cold storage and a civil multi-story cold storage, which is set as a two-phase project of No. 1 cold storage and No. 2 cold storage.

6. The No. 1 automated three-dimensional cold storage is set on one floor, with a height of 44 meters, divided into four rooms. The building area of each cold room is about 2465 square meters, and the nominal volume is 98600m3; the purchase temperature is ≤-12°C, and the shipping temperature ≤-18℃, processing and refrigerating time 24h, daily purchase volume is not more than 5% of the calculated tonnage in this shop, storage capacity is 12,500 tons per room, and the total tonnage is 50,000 tons.

7. No. 2 civil multi-storey cold storage has 3 floors (2~4 floors), with 2 rooms on each floor, each with a construction area of about 1239 square meters, a net height of 7.5 meters, a total nominal volume of 55755m3, and a working temperature of- 25~-20℃, purchase temperature ≤-10℃, shipping temperature ≤-18℃, processing refrigeration time 24h, daily purchase quantity is not more than 5% of the cold room tonnage, storage capacity is 1000 tons/room, and the total tonnage is 6000 tons.

8. Buffer room, one underground and one above ground, working temperature: -10℃

9. Closed platform, 1 underground and 1 above ground, design temperature: +5℃~+10℃

10. Through hall, 2~4 floors above ground, 2 rooms on each floor, design temperature: +5℃~+10℃

1、Cold storage room exterior

application-ice machine- cold room-ice crusher-CBFI-img-1

2、Three-dimensional cold room 

application-Zhengzhong Cold Chain-Ammonia Three-dimensional Cold Storage-CBFI-img

3、Cold storage unit

application-ice machine- cold room-ice crusher-CBFI-img

4、Evaporative cold-ammonia liquid separator

application-ice machine- cold room-ice crusher-CBFI-img

5、Automatically out of the cold room


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