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Working principle of ice making equipment control system

The original machine rejected the single-chip microcomputer as the control port of all machines, controlling the machine's work sequence such as ice making, ice harvesting, cleaning and disinfection, and protection restrictions. There are four command lights on the controller to direct the working status of the machine. (1) During the ice making process, the machine's power-on effect switch is set to 'ice-making'. At this time, the controller's box switch 'CURTAIN' command light is on, firstly, the water pump and the drain solenoid valve are energized for 45 seconds (the drain time is set to 45 seconds). The remaining water in the sink is to ensure that the ice-making water is surprisingly clean. The hot air valve is also energized during the draining period. After 45 seconds, the compressor starts and the condensing fan is activated (the condensing fan and the compressor coax the same weapon to control the condensing fan. A pressure switch is connected in series in the main circuit to control the start and stop of the coagulation fan. When the coagulation pressure is below 1.72MPa, the coagulation fan will start, and when the coagulation pressure is lower than 1.38MPa, the coagulation fan will stop), close the water pump and drain valve, and open the water inlet. The solenoid valve keeps the compressor running during all ice making and harvesting processes. The hot air valve closes 5 seconds after the compressor starts, and the compressor starts the water pump after preheating the ice chamber (evaporator) for 30 seconds. When the water in the water tank is interrupted 3 seconds Bingge water level detector (when the water level detector takes the sailor, the water level 'WATER' command light of the controller will be on), and the water inlet valve will be closed for about 6 minutes. Under the immersion of the water pump and the water divider, the water evenly flows through each of the small cells of the freezing chamber and is heated. As the water level of the ice cubes drops, the water level 'WATER' command light is burned, and it will enter the line once and then replenish water. It stops for 3 seconds until the water level detector fetches the sailor to ensure that there is sufficient water to make ice. (2) During the ice harvesting process, when sufficient ice is formed into the thin ice detector and the water flow (not ice), the controller’s ice harvesting/enron limit 'HARVEST' command light will start after the 7-second interruption of the water flow. The ice is harvested, but if the ice making time has not reached 6 minutes, the ice maker will not enter the ice harvesting sequence. When the ice-thin detector fetches water for 7 seconds and the ice-making time exceeds 6 minutes, the cbfi ice machine starts to harvest the ice. The water pump is interrupted when the ice making equipment is harvesting ice. The drain solenoid valve is opened to drain the water in the sink. The drain time may be set to 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 45 seconds (there is a drain time selection switch on the controller), only the drain time is set The water inlet solenoid valve is opened in the last 15 seconds of draining when it is set to 45 seconds. If the drain time is set to 15 seconds or about 30 seconds, the water inlet solenoid valve will not open in all drainage times. The water pump is turned off and there is no action during all ice harvesting. When the water is drained, the hot gas valve is opened. The hot heating agent vapor flows into the evaporator to heat the ice cubes. As the heating time extends, the ice cubes become immersed by gravity The whole piece slides down into the ice storage room, and the water curtain board swings up-down under the immersion of the falling ice cubes, opens and closes the box switch. At the same time, the controller's box switch 'CURTAIN' command light burns-lights, and the box switch Instant opening-closing will end the ice harvesting process, and the ice maker will enter the next ice making sequence
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