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With the right ice machine, the quality and quantity of cold drinks are not a problem!


   Winter goes to spring, the temperature is getting warmer, people's demand for cold drinks is increasing, and it is the season of free-flowing drinks. Do you have a good ice machine? Have your ice machine been cleaned up? Some stores may hesitate because they don’t know how to choose an ice machine suitable for their store, or they are troubled by frequent failures of the ice machine. In order to solve these problems for everyone, today I will talk about the system. Why is the choice of ice machine important?

The choice of    cbfi ice machine 1. The demand for ice is based on experience. Generally speaking, Chinese restaurants: 0.5kg ice for each seat. Western restaurants: 1kg ice for each seat. Hotel Guest room: Each room requires 1kg ice cube bubble tea, bubble black tea, 1kg ice cube can supply 7-8 cups of smoothie, shaved ice can supply about 4 cups per kilogram

   2. For cbfi ice machine Understanding of ice production 1. Definition of ice production of cbfi ice machine When selecting a model, the user mainly considers the amount of ice used. However, the ice production of the ice maker is greatly affected by environmental conditions, and the standard operating conditions need to be clarified before the ice production can be compared. The internationally accepted nominal operating conditions are used as the standard operating conditions of the product (that is, the temperature of the ice-making water is 15℃±1℃; the working environment temperature is 21℃±2℃; the power requirement is single-phase 220V 50 Hz/three-phase 380V 50 Hz; the water source requirement is clean fresh water; the working unit time is 24 hours, and the certain kilogram ice machine we saw on the market indicates the daily ice production under standard working conditions.   2, for ice making The understanding of the ice production of the machine in summer has entered the summer, the water temperature and the ambient temperature have risen significantly, and the rise of the water temperature is equivalent to extending the ice making time of each ice (because the freezing point of water is 0 ℃, the high temperature ice making water should be cooled. Compared with water at room temperature, the cycle is longer to 0°C, and the ambient temperature is too high. It is impossible for the ice production of the air-cooled ice maker that uses air to exchange heat and cold to drop significantly. The stern fact to avoid.

  3. The time when ice cubes are really needed for the selection of ice machines is in summer, so when we choose ice machines, we have to ask a question: what we buy For the ice machine, during the hottest summer and the best business period, is there enough ice cubes?    We know that there is a big difference between the ice production of the ice machine in summer and the ice production of the ice machine. Take a 200-pound ice maker of an excellent brand as an example: When the water temperature is 15°C and the ambient temperature is 21°C, the ice maker can produce ice 120 times per 24 hours. When the water temperature is 30°C and the ambient temperature is 40°C, the machine It can produce ice 90 times in 24 hours. As for many non-brand ice machines, at this time they only produce ice about 50 times per 24 hours. In fact, only nearly 40% of the indicated ice production, or even lower.    To sum up, everyone You can make a reasonable choice based on your own scale and forecast of your turnover.    If your store needs 70 kilograms of ice a day during the summer peak season, how much ice machine do you need to buy?    If you buy a high-quality ice machine, just The reason for choosing 200 lbs is: 70 kg ÷ 0.75 u003d 93.3 kg × 2.2 u003d 205 lbs.    If you buy a non-branded machine, you should choose an ice machine with around 385 lbs. The reason is: 70 kg ÷ 0.4 u003d 175 kg. If your store needs about 150 kilograms of ice cubes a day, what model of ice machine do you need to buy?    If you buy a high-quality ice machine, you should choose 500 pounds. The reason is: 500 pounds ÷ 2.2 u003d 227 kg × 0.75u003d170kg.    If you buy a non-branded machine, you should consider an ice machine of around 825 pounds, the reason is that 150kg÷0.4u003d375kg.

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