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Winter cold water machine maintenance

The weather turns cool, bring the changes also remind people to pay attention to the cold water machine the winter maintenance, slowly to adapt to the cold air temperature difference. Summarized below for you, hope to be able to let you know more about machine for love.

1, check the cold shut set, really high voltage switch action;

2, check the tank oil level, when it is necessary to replace refrigeration control ( Condenser) Refrigerant oil fouling degree, determine and ensure the operation of the compressor;

3, check the frozen oil filters, when it is necessary to check and analyze the cold water machine to clean the pipe. High condensing pressure, condenser unit of high pressure water treatment whether open ring systems filter;

4, the pipe cleaning, should avoid scratches and scraping the broken wall;

5, at least once every six months apart the relief valve cover the takeover, whether its internal have the phenomenon such as corrosion, rust, scale, if found that corrosion or leakage, must replace the relief valve;

6, check the condenser/evaporator tube side wash cycle and water cycle, appropriate scale and see if problem, must be clean. At least once every six months in spinning line cleaning equipment refrigerating capacity is insufficient, please replace the new type is usually tube fouling caused or unit with air, the temperature and ( Cooling water) The water temperature, if the differential value is greater than 5 ℃, condenser pipe may scale; In 1. 78 MPG

7, check parameter form, see whether to use special brush factory, there are abnormal phenomenon;

8, detect whether the leakage between the compressor motor winding insulation;
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