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Wild fungus freeze drier equipment deep processing of freeze-dried process

Wild fungus freeze drying machine is suitable for the chicken fir bacteria, porcini, tricholoma matsutake, morchella, hericium, tea tree mushroom and so on deep processing of freeze-dried edible fungi. Wild fungus freeze drier equipment rapid continuous production method of freeze-dried wild fungus USES the following steps:

1) roughing in removing impurity: remove the weeds on the wild fungus sludge and corruption, after processing to frame into the transmission device, to the next working procedure;

(2) classification of hits: pour in the laundry list of wild fungus to the Settings screen classification table, flipping wild fungus and bacteria on the sand off after falling from the screen mesh, wild fungus were classified according to the need to select;

3. Processing crude wash: hierarchical selection after the wild fungus according to the need of slicing, dicing, cutting or shred, placed on the screen after coarse washed with water, then drop after placed in the transmission to the next working procedure on the conveying belt;

4. Cleaning: roughing after removing impurity wild fungus, into the level within the cleaning device for cleaning, cleaning unit within the set of conveyor belt, transmission drive wild fungus was cleaning;

5. Rinse: after cleaning the wild fungus into secondary cleaning device, wild fungus in the secondary cleaning by high pressure water gun impact;

6. Rinse, wash after the wild fungus spray to the cleaning device for level 3, wild fungus after spray rinsing effect;

7) drying: rinse wild fungus entry to the end of the air drying, on the conveying belt with large proportion of the air blower to remove surface moisture.

was freeze-dried: dried wild fungus from the end of the frame to freeze drier equipment of freeze-dried indoor vacuum freeze-drying at low temperature.

pet-name ruby packaging: such as freeze-drying, remove the seal.

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