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Why look good prospects of the development of fruit and vegetable vacuum freeze dryer

Why look good prospects of the development of fruit and vegetable vacuum freeze dryer? Fruit and vegetable vacuum freeze drier in the intensive processing of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable chips, is a high and new technology in the 21st century, are the latest international fruit and vegetable processing method. Freeze-dried fruit and vegetable chips is to fruits and vegetables after low temperature vacuum freezing drying of food production, referred to as 'freeze-dried food, this kind of food not only retained the flavor and nutritional ingredients of raw material, crisp delicious, unique flavor. Fruit and vegetable chips is a kind of convenient health food, health, nutrition, it is easy to preserve and carry, and it has good water, either as a leisure health food, dried and fresh vegetables can also. Freeze-dried fruit and vegetable food is particularly popular among old people, children and women.

freeze-dried fruit and vegetable chips processing provides a lot of fruit and vegetable processing with a high and new technology, especially in secondary and tertiary level thereof meaning greater processing of fruit and vegetables. Freeze-dried fruit and vegetable preserves fruits and vegetables original flavor, regulating seasonal we adopted, facilitate storage and transportation, for the border posts, maritime crew, crew, geological prospecting and other field work personnel and some plateau areas, can solve the problem of eating vegetables difficult; Increases the economic value of fruits and vegetables at the same time, increased the breed of design and color of fruit and vegetable food, thus fundamentally solved the fruits and vegetables due to deterioration of the huge waste. Thus promote the development of fruit and vegetable vacuum freeze drying machine has the profound significance.

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