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Why is the sound of the ice machine compressor loud?


After the compressor of the ice maker runs normally, it will evaporate and absorb heat in the evaporator under a low temperature environment of -10 to -18 degrees through the suction-compression-exhaust-condensation-throttling process, and the frozen water will be evaporated. In the low-temperature water, it condenses into an ice layer on the surface of the evaporator, but during the use process, when the compressor of the ice machine is running normally, why is the sound too loud?

Reasons for the excessive sound of the compressor: 1: The pressure of the refrigerant in the ice machine is too high or too low, causing the compressor to fail to operate normally. 2: There is gas or debris in the refrigerant pipeline, which causes the equipment pipeline to deform. 4: The fan of the air-cooled ice maker is broken and the speed is relatively slow, which leads to poor heat dissipation. Therefore, the ice making speed is relatively slow, and the longer time causes the compressor to burn out.

When the cbfi ice machine is used for a period of time, the head of the water inlet pipe needs to be opened, and the water inlet valve filter screen needs to be cleaned to avoid excessive sand and mud impurities in the water, which will cause the water inlet to become small and cause the equipment to fail to make ice normally. When the ice maker finishes making ice every time, the excess water in the water tank after cooling is drained, which can serve the purpose of cleaning and reduce the amount of scale generated in the evaporator and water circulation.

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