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Why is the block ice machine so popular in the market?

Small direct ice making type

Small direct ice making block ice machine adopts integral installation form. All equipment is installed on a steel frame, which conforms to container transportation, is easy to install, and can be put into operation after providing power.

Large direct ice making machine

The whole machine adopts modular design. The large direct ice making block ice machine is divided into unit module, evaporator module and cooling tower module, which is convenient for transportation and installation. The evaporator module is based on The size of the machine is divided into several.

Unit module: includes compressor, accumulator, water condenser, refrigeration pipeline, valve, control electric box, etc.

Cooling tower module: including cooling tower, cooling water pump, cooling water pipe, etc.

Evaporator module: mainly evaporator and some supporting equipment.

All modules meet the requirements of container transportation.

Direct ice-making container type

Install all equipment of the entire block ice machine in an ISO standard container, which is convenient to transport, install and move. It does not require any pipe connections on site, and only provides space, water, The electricity can be put into operation or installed directly on a truck to form a mobile ice making station.

Salt-water ice-making block ice machine

When starting to make ice, add water to all ice-making buckets, put them in the salt water pool, press the start button, and the refrigeration unit will start to run. The brine mixer makes the brine in the brine pool circulate and exchanges heat with the refrigerant inside the titanium coil evaporator. The brine temperature is reduced, and the circulating low-temperature brine exchanges heat with the water in the ice bucket to make the water temperature in the ice bucket. When it drops below the freezing point and reaches a certain ice making time, all the water in the ice making bucket freezes. When melting ice, use a lifting device to lift a row of ice-making buckets in the salt water pool and put it into the ice melting pool. There is circulating warm water in the ice melting pool. The temperature of the ice making bucket rises in the ice melting pool. The surface of the ice cube inside the ice making bucket melts and separates from the inner wall of the ice making bucket. At this time, use the lifting device to put the ice making bucket on the pour ice The shelf is fixed, and the ice shelf is rotated so that the outlet of the ice making bucket faces downwards, and the ice cubes are poured out of the ice making bucket. After setting the ice bucket, use the water adding mechanism on the water tank to add water to the specified water level, and then use the lifting device to return the ice storage to the original position of the salt pool, and then lift the other row of ice buckets to melt the ice and pour the ice. Ice and water circulation operation.

Characteristics of the 4-block ice machine

Using titanium tube as the evaporator to improve the heat exchange effect, real anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and guarantee the service life

- The internal parts of the salt pool that are in contact with the salt water are all Made of PE material, plastic welding, low temperature resistance, no rust

- Special design of ice inverting rack and ice melting tank, easier to operate

- Compressor row is used in ice melting tank Heating by gas and waste heat, more energy-saving, suitable for areas with low environmental water temperature

- The overall modular equipment, transportation, movement, and on-site installation are very simple

- According to different requirements, Each salt water ice-making block ice machine is tailor-made for our customers

- The salt water ice-making block ice machine can be made into a container type, and the ice capacity of a 20-foot container is 6 tons/day , The ice production capacity of a 40-foot container is 12 tons/day

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