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Why is it necessary to install special lamps for cold storage?


   Why cold storage installations must be equipped with a special type of lamps? It is necessary to install lamps in buildings for cold storages. Can it be used in cold storage installations? Ordinary lighting devices can be used in cold storage installations? Cold storage installation technology is used in lamps During installation, what are the advantages of cold storage installation technology, and what is the difference with ordinary lighting? The cold storage lamp is a new type of cold storage lamp, which has the characteristics of high process efficiency, long life and high color index. Traditional large and medium-sized lamps use low-energy metal halide lamps and low-energy high-pressure mercury lamps, which have high cold storage power, low light intensity, short service life, easy to leak steam, and save water. General lighting devices cannot replace special lighting devices used in cold storage.

   high-frequency plasma technology is applied to the cold storage of non-level human body induction lamps, the test temperature is -80 degrees, and the service life is 40,000-50000 hours. The high-frequency low-temperature plasma lamp is a new generation of new technology composed of electronic information technology, optoelectronic technology, plasma technology, permanent magnet material science and vacuum technology.

The basic principle of    is that after the switching power supply voltage of the high-frequency generator is adjusted to a certain range, the output power coupler high-frequency balanced working voltage is given.

  The characteristics of large and medium-sized cold storage lights:

  1. Large and medium-sized cold storage lights are made of aluminum The alloy frame is made in accordance with the national industrial standard gb/t1173-1995. Using excellent high-temperature disposable aluminum die-casting technology, the product surface is clean, the metal structure is meticulous, there are no bubbles, sand holes, etc., it has excellent compressive strength and impact resistance, anti-explosion performance of ultra-low temperature refrigerator lights, and permanent explosion-proof signs And the sign is immediately suppressed due to the wear of the cold storage lamp.

  2. Use domestic automatic spraying waterline machine equipment and high-voltage electrostatic powder spraying technology for electrostatic spraying of plastic on the surface, and the plastic layer has strong adhesion.

  3. Considering the application of various light sources, choose large and medium-sized cold storage lamp electronic ballasts and lighting lamps as an integrated or split design; high-purity aluminum anodized orange diffuse reflector, high transmittance, mild light source; lighting lamp has a ceiling The right-angle adjustment range of the bracket and the installation method of the chandelier.

   4. Large and medium-sized cold storage lights can consider various installation requirements: the cold storage lights are reasonably arranged, and the outer screw cover is selected, which is easy to open and repair the light source. Therefore, friends should realize that no matter where the cold storage is built, special types of cold storage lights must be used to avoid a series of safety accidents, such as explosions.

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