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Why does the refrigeration mechanism ice crack?

When we use the ice machine, during the normal operation of the machine, when the thickness of the ice cube reaches the set thickness of the ice cube, the ice plate probe starts to start, and the defrost solenoid valve starts to work. When the water pump stops working When the hot air enters the evaporator, the ice cubes will fall in about 1 minute. When the ice cubes fall, turn the ice falling baffle to open the orpiment switch. When the orpiment switch is closed again, our cbfi ice machine will I can enter the ice making process again, but what should I do if cracking occurs during the ice making process? Reasons for the ice cubes of the cbfi ice machine to be broken: 1: The cooling capacity is not enough, check whether the refrigerant of the equipment is leaking. 2: When the compressor is running normally, is there any noisy sound from other compressors? 3: Whether the temperature adjustment knob is too high, adjust the temperature appropriately. 4: Ice production is reduced, capillary tubes and expansion valves are blocked. 5: The ice-making system has a slight ice block due to excessive moisture. 6: The contact point of the refrigeration system is burned out and the contact is poor. 7: The voltage of the device is too low, you should check whether the power supply is normal. Related reading: Detailed analysis of the actual operation of the laboratory ice machine
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