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Why does the laboratory need a dedicated snowflake ice maker

Why does the laboratory need a dedicated snowflake cbfi ice machine? This is because of the following points:

1. The laboratory ice machine is used in related experiments to provide an environment for samples to prevent degradation or deterioration. Most of the time, samples are placed in containers such as EP tubes, centrifuge tubes, PCR tubes, and the sample tubes are inserted into them, and the temperature is controlled by contact control. Since the sample and ice cannot be in direct contact, they must be transported through the tube wall.

2. So the choice in the laboratory is generally the snowflake cbfi ice machine. The ice produced is snowflake-shaped crushed ice with small particles, which can be in close contact with the tube wall to ensure the effect.

3. The specific requirements for ice production are not the same. The snow ice that comes out requires a water content of about 20%, which can greatly improve the effect of the use of snow ice.

4. Compared with the laboratory snowflake ice machine, the ice particles produced by the ordinary catering and cold beverage fields will be larger and have a lower water content.

5. In terms of hardware, the parts used in the laboratory are also more high-end than ordinary snowflake ice machines, and the performance is generally superior.
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