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Why do you need to add salt to the flake ice machine? What are the precautions for adding salt?

Why do flake ice machines need to add salt, and what are the precautions for adding salt?   Why do flake ice machines add salt, and what are the precautions for adding salt. Summary: Anyone who has used ice machines knows that flake ice machines require salt , Then you all know why salt is added to the flake ice machine, and what should be paid attention to when adding salt, let's learn together.   1. Why do flake ice machines add salt to make ice? Flake ice machines are divided into fresh water flake ice machines and sea water flake ice machines according to the water source. However, the fresh water flake ice machine also adds a certain proportion of salt water, which is far lower than the concentration of sea water. The purpose of adding salt is to make the ice flakes easier to form, improve the quality of the ice flakes, make the ice flakes more suitable in size, make them more beautiful, easier to fall off, protect the equipment, and consume less electricity. If salt is not added, the ice sheet will have a chance to make a harsh sound and consume more electricity.   2. How to add salt to the flake ice machine    Press the start/stop button to start the ice flake machine, add salt according to a certain proportion, fill the brine bucket with water and stir evenly, and then pump the brine into the liquid pipe and put it into the brine bucket.  3. Precautions for adding salt to the flake ice machine   After adding salt to the machine, observe the ice making situation of the flake ice machine, the size and hardness of the borneol. If it is found that the ice flakes produced by the flake industrial ice maker are relatively broken, the flake ice machine is accompanied by the harsh sound of cutting ice with ice skates, indicating that the salt water has not been added to the water tank. A common problem is that there is air in the inlet and outlet pipes, which will affect the accuracy of the salt pump. At this time, the pipeline air should be discharged. The correct way is: the outlet pipe nozzle of the salt pump sucks in the air. Until you feel salt water in your mouth, then observe whether there are water droplets on the outlet pipe of the salt water pump. If there are water drops, this is normal. Then insert the brine pump outlet pipe into the water tank.   The above are the reasons and precautions for adding salt to the flake ice machine. If you need to know more about ice machine expertise, please call or leave a message!
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