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Why do I need to add refrigerating oil to the compressor? The role of refrigerating oil.

Refrigeration compressors generally use No. 13, No. 18 and No. 25 lubricants. R22 refrigerant compressor generally chooses No. 25. The oil used for the lubrication of the moving parts in the refrigeration compressor is called refrigerated oil, also known as lubricating oil. The refrigerated oil mainly plays a role of lubrication. What other functions are there besides lubrication? 1. Lubrication. Refrigeration oil is an indispensable and important auxiliary material for compressor operation. It can lubricate the surface of compressor moving parts, reduce resistance and friction, reduce power consumption, and extend service life. 2. Cooling effect. The refrigerating oil can cool the compressed refrigerant, and the oil is injected into the compressor to absorb the heat generated by the refrigerant gas during the compression process and reduce the exhaust temperature. Take away the heat generated by the friction of the moving surface in time to prevent the compressor from overheating or the compressor from being burned out. 3. Sealing function. The lubricating oil penetrates into the sealing surface of each friction member to form an oil seal, which plays a role in preventing refrigerant leakage. 4. Reduce compressor noise. The lubricating oil continuously washes the friction surface and takes away the wear debris, which can reduce the wear of the friction parts. In summary, have you dispelled your doubts about why the compressor needs to add refrigerating oil? When the compressor is running, it does work on the mixture of refrigerating oil and refrigerant, and the refrigerating oil is an indispensable part of the compressor. When adding refrigerating oil, the refrigerant must be matched with it. Frozen oil
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