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Why choose flake ice machine in the food processing industry

In food processing plants, food needs to be refrigerated and kept fresh, and cooling measures are generally adopted to ensure the quality of food processing. Most of Bingquan customers in the food processing industry choose flake ice machines. The main reasons for choosing flake ice machines are as follows:

1. The flake ice machine has high ice efficiency and low cooling loss

The flake ice machine uses cold water to surround the spray to make ice. The entire evaporator fully contacts the water source and quickly evaporates to form an ice layer. Spiral ice blades quickly cut and scrape off the ice layer. The evaporator and evaporator tube use high-efficiency insulation. Protection, low cooling loss;

2. The borneol produced by the flake ice machine is of good quality, dry and not sticky

The evaporator of the flake ice machine adopts a spiral groove structure design, which provides uniform liquid supply and high evaporation efficiency. The water falling on the ice bucket and the refrigerating medium do sufficient heat exchange to form a thick and dry ice layer with a general thickness It can reach 1.8~2.5mm, and the borneol is not easy to stick when dry, which is convenient for users to use;

3. The flake ice machine produced by the flake ice machine is rich in varieties, simple in structure and small in area

There are many types of flake ice machines. Users can choose the suitable machine type according to the use occasion and water quality. The ice machine is small in size, simple in structure, convenient to install, small in area, and low in noise. The practicality of the venue is good.

4. PLC programmable control system of flake ice machine, stable performance and free control

The flake ice machine adopts PLC programmable control system to realize the control, the operation performance is stable, safe and reliable, the user can control the automatic start and automatic stop period of the flake ice machine at will according to the power consumption, and realize the energy saving and automatic control.

5. The flake ice machine is easy to operate and has high sanitary standards

The flake ice machine adopts fully automatic control, and the operator only needs to press the switch to operate. The evaporator is made of imported 304 stainless steel or carbon steel with high heat transfer efficiency. The surface is electroplated with hard surface treatment, which ensures the super corrosion resistance of the ice bucket and the cleanness of the ice flakes.

6. Perfect fault protection device for flake ice machine

The flake ice machine is equipped with various protection devices such as high and low pressure, water cut, limit, overload, etc., which further enhances the safety and stability of the cbfi ice machine, allowing users to directly cut off the power to stop ice making when ice making is not needed. The internal structure of the evaporator is simple, and the parts have high versatility, so the operation is reliable. Convenient maintenance and easy maintenance.
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