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Which type of ice machine is suitable for use in the laboratory

The ice machine used in the laboratory is mainly used to provide an ice bath environment for samples to prevent samples like nucleic acids or proteins from deteriorating as the temperature is too high. Only the ice bath effect can ensure the accuracy of the entire experimental results. But which model of ice machine is suitable for use in the laboratory? The samples in the laboratory are mainly placed in EP tubes, centrifuge tubes or PCR tubes. Then put our samples in an ice bath and use our snowflake ice cubes to maintain the sample's low temperature. Our sample cannot be directly contacted with ice, but is transmitted through the tube wall. Therefore, the contact area between the tube wall and the ice bath is achieved by the ice bath effect. In order to ensure the low temperature effect of the sample, we should increase the tube wall appropriately. The actual contact area with the ice bath prevents the temperature of the sample from being too high and causing biological failure. Commonly used models in the laboratory: The ice shape of our ice spring cbfi ice machine is mainly snowflakes, particles, and squares. The freezing point can reach minus 20°C. The entire ice cube has a beautiful appearance and will not form adhesion. The entire ice cube has high hardness and low temperature. , The ice cubes are crystal clear and will not cause melting. More importantly, the cooling speed of the items is relatively fast. The entire cbfi ice machine adopts microcomputer control, water intake and drainage, no special operation is required, the ice making effect is good, and the use is safe. Related reading: What are the advantages of the Snowflake in Bingquan Laboratory
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