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Which ice maker is better for seafood

Freshly caught seafood and freshly picked vegetables need to be cooled and kept fresh. Everyone knows that cooling with ice is the most effective way to ensure its freshness without affecting its taste. So which kind of ice packing machines should be used to keep seafood, fruits and vegetables fresh? Of course it is a flake ice packing machines. The flake ice produced by    flake ice packing machines is low temperature, light in weight, dry and powder-free, suitable for the preservation of seafood in major supermarkets and stores. The flake ice not only keeps the refrigerated products from dehydration and maintains their original color, but also because of the smoothness and no edges and corners of the flake ice, it will not scratch the skin of the refrigerated products, ensuring the original flavor of the refrigerated products. Vegetable and seafood transportation In order to ensure the freshness in the process, a certain amount of flake ice also serves the purpose of keeping fresh. At the same time, in the ocean fishing, due to the characteristics of flake ice, the freshness of seafood can be kept for a relatively long time, which is convenient for ocean Fishing.
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