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Which ice machine is better? Distinguish the advantages and disadvantages from the space design inside the ice machine


   Many of the ice machines on the market are beautiful on the surface, as clean as new, and there are many problems within a few months of use after buying them. I have to suspect that this is a refurbished machine, which is difficult to distinguish from the surface. The ice machine is good or bad, so today the Deqing Bingquan refrigeration equipment takes everyone to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the internal space design of the ice machine.

   One: After opening the shell of the cbfi ice machine, the same refrigeration system, not to mention the brands of compressors, condensers, desiccants, evaporators, smart electronic boards, etc. used by each manufacturer ......As far as the internal design is concerned, the high-quality cbfi ice machine has a strict internal design, neatly arranged lines, and special waterproof treatments on parts that are prone to damp or wading (especially the electronic control system). It can withstand the test of long-lasting high temperature. Even at a high temperature of 40 degrees, the ice making speed is still unaffected, and the normal operation of the machine and the safety of users are absolutely guaranteed. Ordinary or inferior ice machines generally have a small rear space, a messy wiring arrangement, poor heat dissipation, poor waterproofing or no waterproofing at all; after months or six months of operation, in high temperature weather, the ice making speed is obvious Reduced, and some even stoppage damage, bring unnecessary troubles and economic losses to users.  Second: High-quality ice-making opportunities fully consider the rear heat dissipation space of its internal components; accurate and reasonable design makes ice-making speed faster, achieving the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection. In order to facilitate maintenance and repair in the later period, the pendant-type assembly mode is generally used. Only two external screws and up to four screws are used. Disassembly and maintenance are quick and time-saving. There is no need to move the machine. Cleaning and maintenance can be completed in 15 minutes. The ice machine is the standard equipment in the back kitchen of the increasingly popular milk tea shops, water bar shops, catering and dessert shops. The stable and reliable quality of the machine is very important to the operator. Choosing a good ice machine will be the store's effective Assistant, worry-free and labor-saving, operation is guaranteed. Understanding the above content, I believe you are also an expert in choosing ice machines!

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