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Which brand of flake ice machine is good for hot pot restaurant cafeteria

At present, there are many types of ice machines on the market. As far as hot pot restaurants and cafeterias are concerned, most of them still choose flake ice machines. The main reason is that the ice flakes produced by the flake ice machine are dry, the temperature is low, the contact surface with the object is large, the cooling effect is good, and the flake ice machine must be other ice machines, which consumes less power, so many food processing industries, aquatic products, seafood, Supermarkets, hot pot restaurants, buffets, hotels, meat preservation, chemical cooling, concrete cooling, etc. will choose flake ice machines.

At present, there are many manufacturers engaged in the production of flake ice machines. Which brands are more reliable? Among the brands I have contacted, such as Bingquan, Bingelf, and Binglixue are all good ice machine brands.

However, the price of ice machines on the market is quite different, and the technical content of flake ice machines is higher than that of other refrigeration equipment such as refrigerators and freezers. Investigations in the catering industry found that most of them choose ice spring ice machines. The main reason is that they generally look at these items when choosing ice machines:

1. Look at the appearance

A good flake ice machine, first of all, is very elegant in the appearance of materials and workmanship. It will use standard stainless steel through spray anti-corrosion treatment, which is corrosion resistant, easy to clean, and has a long service life. If there are stains and water stains on the surface, wipe it with a rag, and it will immediately be as smooth as new. The plastic parts made of integral injection molding are beautiful, durable, ancient and not easily deformed. From the external manufacturing process, the edge of the stainless steel used for connection is smooth, will not scratch your fingers, and the bottom plate is thick and not dented. Most of the cheap ice machines use non-standard or even cheap plates; the processing technology is rough, the corrosion resistance is checked, and they are easily deformed. In order to reduce production costs, some of the clinker parts are injection molded from miscellaneous materials recovered from the waste station, which is not only unsightly, but also of poor quality, easy to break, and short service life.

2. Look at the internal design of the machine

Open the shell of the cbfi ice machine, the same refrigeration system, first look at the compressor, condenser, desiccant, evaporator, smart electronic version, etc. It must be a well-known brand, in addition to the internal design , Bingquan brand internal design is strict, the lines are arranged neatly and orderly, and the parts that are prone to damp or wading will undergo special waterproof treatment. Not only can it withstand the long-lasting high temperature test, it is equipped with an efficient heat dissipation device to ensure that the machine is in high temperature weather. The normal operation and user safety. Ordinary general lines are arranged in disorder, poor heat dissipation, poor waterproof or no waterproof treatment at all. After several months of operation, the output is significantly reduced in high temperature weather, and even the machine is damaged, which brings unnecessary troubles to users. And economic losses.
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