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Where did the design idea of u200bu200bthe ice maker come from?


   First of all, we must consider the use occasions and parameter requirements of the new product ice maker. What kind of customers and specific working environment are facing, let's first see whether it is a domestic customer or a foreign customer. If it is domestic, it is 50Hz. For foreign customers, the working frequency is 60Hz. Secondly, it is necessary to consider whether the ice maker is used in the south or in the north. The operating temperature of the ice maker must be considered, that is, the degree of heat exchange of the ice maker must be considered. If it is used in the south, It is best to use water cooling method, water cooling heat exchange is relatively sufficient, if it is used in the north, wind cooling is used, and it depends on the specific working place of the ice machine, that is to say, the consideration of the conditions of water use. Third, we also need to consider whether to use it in the car (DC) in the design, or use it in shopping malls, university laboratories, scientific research institutes and other places (communication).

   1. In the process of designing the ice machine, the first consideration is the size of the ice production. That is to say, how much ice the ice machine produces in 24 hours a day, we first set the environment The problem is 20 degrees. For example, the ice production capacity is 50 kg. Then we can calculate how much cooling capacity the cbfi ice machine needs to produce in 24 hours. Considering part of the cooling capacity loss, that is, the efficiency problem, we can calculate the ice production. We generally consider environmental protection and use R134A refrigerant for the flow rate required by the refrigerant of the machine. In this case, we know the total amount of refrigerant and after knowing the flow rate, we can choose a reasonable compressor and determine the compressor Under the premise of environmental protection, choosing a durable and stable performance compressor is the most important step. The quality of the compressor directly affects the service life of the cbfi ice machine. Once we determine After the compressor is good, we can choose the condenser. The choice of condenser mainly considers the heat dissipation area. The quality of heat dissipation has a great influence on the future cooling effect, so the choice of heat dissipation area and air volume of the heat dissipation fan is also our choice. Important considerations, once the condenser and cooling fan are selected, we must start to consider the structure of the arrangement. 2. Just now we mainly considered the problem of compressor and condenser, and mainly solved the problem of refrigeration capacity, that is, the problem of ice production. Next, we must consider the problem of ice storage, that is, the size of the ice storage bucket. The size and shape of the ice storage bucket should consider the needs of users, and the material should be considered safe. Generally, food-grade materials are used. For the specific shape design, we use UG or CATIA software for three-dimensional design and modeling to meet the requirements of product serialization. , It is more convenient and quick to modify the drawings.

  3. For example, a snowflake ice maker. Such cbfi ice machine is mainly used in laboratories. The ice produced is small and granular. In our design, we produced a special ice churn bucket. The ice bucket reamer is made of stainless steel, and the barrel is made of brass. Considering the heat transfer effect and the consistency of the thermal expansion coefficient of the material, that is, considering the consistency of working and non-working conditions, we have The brass material used, at the same time, we also have requirements for the selection of bearings, so as to ensure the thermal expansion and contraction of the bearings at low temperatures. At the same time, we also consider the selection of lubricants and the effect of temperature changes on grease. The problem of the impact of replenishment performance. For the shape and surface of the reamer, we have special surface analysis data, so as to ensure that the resistance coefficient of our ice type is relatively small when flowing, and to ensure that the torque of our ice churn and the normal use of the reducer. 6. Copper For the pipe layout problem, first we arrange the approximate positions of the compressor, condenser, ice storage bucket, and sheet metal parts, and then we design the piping. In piping design, the most important thing is the choice of the diameter and length of the capillary. The problem is mainly the problem of determining L and D. We know that the main function of the capillary tube is to reduce pressure. After the refrigerant compressed by the compressor passes through the condenser to release a certain amount of heat (fan cooling), it expands and enters the capillary tube of the ice machine to decompress. We know that the refrigerant passes through the capillary tube. An extension resistance problem, that is, from the formula: the pressure difference is the decompression pressure value of the capillary tube, which is related to the length of the capillary tube, and the diameter is inversely proportional. Therefore, the flow rate of the refrigerant determines the ice production volume, and the diameter of the capillary tube determines The size of the ice making and the length of the capillary determine the decompression effect. The pressure of the compressor is mainly consumed on the capillary tube, so the working pressure of the compressor determines the length of the capillary tube. The amount of mass is related to the diameter of the capillary tube, the condensation area of u200bu200bthe condenser, the condensation effect (the air volume of the fan), the amount of refrigerant, the operating state of the refrigerant, and the optimization of the entire system related. The injection of refrigerant is strictly controlled, so that the cooling effect can be better controlled.

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