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What types of ice spring ice machines are there


What types of ice spring ice machines are there?

   1. According to the shape of the ice cubes produced by the ice making mechanism, it can be divided into: tube ice machine, block ice machine, flake ice machine, plate ice machine and Pellet ice machine.

  2. According to the different functions used, it can be divided into: edible ice maker and industrial ice maker;

  3. Generally speaking, tube ice machine and granular ice The ice produced by the machine is edible,

  4, and other ice machines such as flake ice machines, plate ice machines, block ice machines, etc. are for industrial use. FOCUSUN is a manufacturer of ice machines in China that can provide different ice types and functions.

  Bingquan , its snowflake ice maker, small ice maker, pellet ice maker, cube cbfi ice machine and other ice making equipment are widely used in scientific research colleges, laboratories, chains, etc. Supermarkets, aquatic product processing, primary processing and preservation of fruits and vegetables, meat processing, medical and other fields.

   (Ice Spring Ice Machine)

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