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What to do if there is not enough ice cubes in the ice maker

The main function of the ice maker in the milk tea and cold drink shop is to make ice cubes. However, when we use the cbfi ice machine frequently every day, it will inevitably not fail. Therefore, we usually need to understand the operating principle of the ice maker equipment. Troubleshoot. But what should we do when the supply of ice from the ice maker in the cold drink shop exceeds demand? Which method should we take to prevent this phenomenon? Reasons for slow ice in the ice making mechanism or in short supply: 1: Whether the power supply is normally energized. 2: Whether the solenoid valve is leaking, if it leaks, replace the solenoid valve. 3: Whether the placement is stable or not, the tilted state will cause the water pipe to fail to fill the water normally and cause the ice to fail to make normal. 4: Check if the refrigerant of the equipment is leaking. 5: Calculate the daily ice consumption, it is recommended to replace the equipment with a large amount of ice.

When I usually use the ice machine, I feel that the whole equipment is very noisy, which affects the atmosphere of the cold drink shop. At this time, we need to check the fan blades and whether the screws are loose. Correct correction or reinforcement is required. If the fan blades or other things are involved, whether the ice machine chassis is deformed, it needs technical maintenance to reduce the noise by about 32 decibels.

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