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What should I pay attention to when buying an ice machine? Bingquan refrigeration tells you


What should I pay attention to when choosing an ice machine? Bingquan refrigeration tells you

1. First of all, we must know the ice maker's demand for ice cubes:

From an empirical point of view, generally speaking, Chinese restaurants: 0.5kg ice cubes per seat; Western restaurants: 1kg ice cubes per seat; hotel guest rooms: 1kg ice cubes per room; pearl milk tea, For bubble black tea, 1kg of ice cubes can supply 7-8 cups; sand ice and shaved ice can supply about 4 cups per kilogram.

Two, follow up with some understanding of the ice production capacity of the ice maker:

1' Definition of ice production volume of the ice maker: The user will consider the volume of ice used when selecting a model. However, the ice production of the ice maker is also greatly affected by environmental conditions. It is necessary to clarify the standard working conditions before comparing the ice production.

2' Understanding of the ice production of the ice machine in summer: In summer, the water temperature and the ambient temperature will rise significantly. The rise of the water temperature is equivalent to prolonging the ice making time for each ice tray, and the ambient temperature is too high It is an unavoidable problem that the ice production of air-cooled ice machines that use air to exchange heat and cold is drastically reduced.

3. Next is the selection of ice maker:

Usually the time when ice is most needed is in the summer, so when choosing an ice machine, you have to ask a question: The ice machine you bought is the hottest in summer and the best time for business. Whether the block is enough. Because the ice production of the ice machine in summer is very different from the ice production marked by the ice machine.

The ice machines of Dongguan Bingquan Refrigeration Company mainly include: supermarket ice machines, catering ice machines, hotel ice machines, bar ice machines, commercial ice machines, industrial ice machines, fishery ice machines, Food processing ice maker, fish processing ice maker, slaughter and cooked food processing cbfi ice machine, sea water ice maker, concrete cooling ice maker, etc.

Dongguan Bingquan Refrigeration Company's ice machines are divided into: flake ice machine, ice block machine, plate ice machine, tube ice machine, fluid ice machine, pellet ice machine (also called cube ice machine).

Dongguan Bingquan Refrigeration Company’s ice machines are divided into small ice machines (daily production: 500 kg, 1 ton, 1.5 tons, 2 tons, 3 tons) and medium-sized ice machines (daily production: 4 tons, 5 tons). , 6 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons), large ice machine (daily production: 15 tons, 20 tons, 25 tons, 30 tons, 40 tons, 50 tons).

Dongguan Bingquan Refrigeration Company's ice machine application areas: supermarket ice preservation, seafood hotels, hotels, cafes, nightclubs, bars, cold drinks shops, logistics and transportation of vegetables, fruits, fish and meat, fish food processing, meat and cooked food Food processing, bread, biscuits, dumplings, ham and other food processing, seafood fishery, ocean fishing fishing boats and fishing ports in the cold chain construction field, and concrete cooling systems in water conservancy, hydropower, construction engineering and other industries.
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