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What problems should be paid attention to in cold storage installation and construction?


The cold storage chiller, temperature controller, control circuit, valve, pipeline, cold storage host, etc., are reasonably connected and installed, and the correct installation process can make the cold storage unit and refrigeration system work safely and stably. So what issues should be paid attention to when installing a cold storage unit?

  1. The cold storage unit is installed as close to the evaporator as possible. It is easy to maintain and has good heat dissipation. If it is moved outside, it is necessary to install a canopy. The four corners of the cold storage unit It is necessary to install anti-vibration gaskets, the installation level is firm, and it is not easy to be touched by people.

  2. All the copper pipes of the cold storage unit copper pipe discharge should be separately put through the insulation pipe and the wires in the same direction should be wrapped together with air-conditioning ties, try to straighten the pipeline and fix it in sections .

  3. The radiator of the cold storage unit should be installed as close to the cold storage unit as possible, preferably in The cold storage unit is in the upper position, and the radiator installation position has the best heat dissipation environment. The suction port cannot face the air outlet of other equipment, especially oily gas, and the air outlet cannot be short-circuited and facing other windows (especially residents' windows) and equipment, away from the ground It should be 2M high and the installation level is firm.

  4. Cold storage unit piping and line installation: all copper pipes are welded, pressure tested, and blown dirty, install the insulation pipe, pay attention to the use of glue to all the connection gaps of the insulation material Stick it firmly and wrap it up with cable ties. Wires and cables should be protected by conduits or troughs separately, and fixed brackets should be set in sections according to the specifications. The weak current signal line should be routed separately from the strong current, and shielded if necessary.

  5. Because the cold storage units and air coolers are pressure-sealed in the factory, there should be pressure when opening the package, and it can be checked for leaks. The factory copper pipe should be at both ends There are dust sealing measures, and you should also pay attention to sealing at any time during construction to prevent water and dust from entering the pipe. The condenser, cold storage host, and air cooler are connected by copper pipes, and the joints are firm and beautiful by welding.

  6. Configure the wires according to the performance of the electrical appliances, the wire diameter meets the requirements, the joints are firm, and the pipes need to be protected to avoid saving, and the power connection is correct. The wire enters the evaporator junction box hole and needs to be sealed with silica gel. If the lamp is connected to 36V or more, a grounding wire is required. The electrical cabinet of the cold storage unit needs a three-phase five-wire system and reliable grounding.

  7. The temperature display probe of the cold storage unit penetrates into the return air port of the evaporator in the cold storage and is suspended in the air. The defrost temperature probe of the cold storage unit is additionally perforated into the return air port of the evaporator in the cold storage. Insert it into the fin (not close to the heating tube).

   8. Balance hole (pressure equalizing valve, also called balance window), do not install on the conspicuous place and the vertical board of the air outlet, the height is 200mm from the upper part of the cold storage vertical board hole. For all parts that penetrate the cold storage board, the gap between the cold storage board and the components must be sealed with sealant.

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