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What model of ice maker do I need to buy 500 cups of milk tea a day?


When the milk tea ice maker is working normally, the water passes through the refrigerant of the evaporator's refrigeration system to generate ice. The entire device can make ice normally when it is powered on. Different ice maker evaporators have different principles. Therefore, the shapes of the ice cubes produced are not the same, so there will be ice cubes, granular ice, snow ice and other shapes. But what size of cbfi ice machine is needed to sell 500 cups of milk tea a day?

When we choose the milk tea ice machine model, we need to decide based on the quantity of milk tea sold, and the amount of ice made by the ice machine. A normal cup of milk tea normally consumes 200g-250g ice cubes, about 250g*500u003d125000gu003d125kg to sell 500 cups of milk tea a day. When buying an ice machine, you need to purchase ice production with a daily ice production volume of more than 125kg. In addition, the hot summer weather will cause the ice production equipment to slow down the ice production. The demand for ice cubes during this period of time It is relatively large, so it is necessary to purchase an ice maker of more than 125 kg, so as to meet our demand for milk tea.

When the ice cubes of the milk tea ice maker reach our required thickness, the hot air discharged from the compressor is re-introduced into the wall of the ice maker, which can replace the low-temperature liquid refrigerant, and the ice bath will form between the evaporation tube walls. A thin film of water, coupled with the action of gravity falling into the tank below, the water generated during the ice-picking cycle will return to the water storage tank through the multi-empty tank, thus preventing the wet ice from being discharged by the machine again.

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