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What kind of ice machine should I use in a bar?


Ice in bars is generally for drinking, or to cool the wine, especially in summer, the cool taste of ice cooling or adding ice is very popular. So which ice machine should I use in the bar?

   is a big category, and different types of cbfi ice machine have different uses. The ice maker includes flake ice maker, cube ice maker, snowflake ice maker, large block ice maker, tube ice maker and so on.

  Because ice is often used for drinking in    bars, the hygienic requirements for ice are very high. Therefore, the ice produced by the bar ice making mechanism must meet the drinking standard, so I chose a cube ice maker, also called a edible ice maker for short.

  Cube ice machine is widely used in milk tea shops, beverage shops, coffee shops, cold drinks shops, bars, bars and other places where ice is commonly used. The size of the cube ice is 22*22*22mm square, beautiful and beautiful, crystal clear, clean and hygienic, which is very popular with everyone.

  How much ice machine do you usually buy in bars?

  Bar generally depends on the size of the bar. For example, a small bar with about ten boxes usually buys a 50-80 kg bar. If the medium size is generally above 100 kg, it depends on the size of the box. The larger ones may be even bigger, and they are basically ice machines with an ice output of more than 500 kilograms.

   If you are looking for a bar ice machine, you can contact our ice spring ice machine manufacturer. The bar ice machine models are complete, ranging from a minimum daily output of 30 kg to 1,000 kg. More than 20 models of ice machines, factory direct sales, quality and after-sales are guaranteed.

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