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What kind of ice machine is used in the laboratory?

There are many types of ice machines. For example, when we usually eat outside, we often see businesses add ice cubes to drinks, sometimes cubes, sometimes hollow, and when buying seafood at the vegetable market. I will also see a layer of ice underneath. Is there any difference? When we are working in the laboratory, how should we choose an ice maker? The laboratory ice maker is mainly used to provide an ice bath environment for samples when carrying out life science-related experiments to prevent samples (such as nucleic acids and proteins) from degrading or deterioration due to temperature changes, thereby ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of the experimental results sex. Most of the time, our samples are placed in EP tubes, centrifuge tubes, PCR tubes and other containers, and then the sample tubes are inserted in an ice bath, and the temperature is maintained by contact. Since the sample cannot be directly contacted with ice, but must be transmitted through the tube wall, the contact area between the tube wall and the ice bath is the guarantee of the ice bath effect. In order to better protect the sample, the tube wall and ice bath should be expanded as much as possible. Contact area. In view of the above considerations, the laboratory cbfi ice machine generally chooses the snowflake cbfi ice machine. The ice produced by this type of cbfi ice machine is snowflake-shaped crushed ice. Because the particles are small, it can be in close contact with the tube wall to ensure the ice bath. Effect.
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