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What is the temperature elevating program drop

Program temperature drop is the key to the deep low temperature preservation of biological materials to equipment, the cooling and control principle, it can be divided into two categories: liquid nitrogen injection program temperature drop, elevating temperature drop.

the following program under the temperature drop domestic brand manufacturers for you to briefly what is elevating temperature drop:

elevating temperature drop process is developed by Chinese scholars in 1987, by the liquid nitrogen container, step machine, microcomputer control system and the recorder. It is the use of liquid nitrogen in natural evaporation in the dewar 0 ℃ temperature field which is formed by the bottleneck department & ndash; — A 196 ℃ by stepping machine according to the preset temperature, complex temperature program control biological specimens the rate at which the temperature in the area to move up and down, to control the temperature and cooling rate of the specimen. Its operating temperature at room temperature & ndash; — 01 ℃ / min— — 10℃/min。 Elevating temperature drop is suitable for small sample volume to freeze, the advantage is low cost, less liquid nitrogen consumption, simple operation, but the temperature control precision is better than injection temperature drop.

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