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What is the reason why the ice machine does not remove the ice?

What is the reason why the ice machine does not de-ice: Many users of the ice machine do not de-ice in the process of using the ice machine. This situation is usually caused by the Tube Ice Machine for several years. Below we find that the ice machine does not de-ice. What is the cause of ice removal and solve it.   What should I do if the ice machine does not de-ice?  The ice is too thin  The ice is too thin, and it often melts everything that the ice cubes did not fall on the ice tray and makes a new plate. We can solve the problem of 'too thin ice' in this way. Adjust the ice thickness probe of the ice maker. If it is a screw, turn the screw inward to make the ice cube thicker. In other words, the iron sheet of the ice thickness probe is thicker because it is farther away from the ice plate, and vice versa.  The ice tray of the ice maker is too dirty.   The ice tray is too dirty to be cleaned. Please pay attention to using detergent. Generally, use grams and acidic liquid to clean the ice tray. This effectively keeps the ice tray clean.  3, the ice maker will weld the ice plate or the metal and plastic parts on the ice plate are separated by the edge.    If it is the front side of the ice tray of the ice maker, please remove one of the strips directly. If the reverse side of the copper tube is not welded, please refer to the idea of u200bu200breplacing the ice tray. If it can be repaired, please consider welding. If there are cracks on the sides of the metal and plastic parts of the ice tray, it needs to be effective in the new cracked silicone.  4. Condensate problem   It was found that the condensate output was too large, and there was condensate during defrosting. This can be solved by adjusting the pressure cut-off valve to reduce the amount of water.  5. The defrost valve has not been opened.    It is found that the defrost valve has not been opened. You should first connect the 220V electricity to the defrost valve to see if it can be opened. If it can be opened, the computer board is faulty. Can not open which one is the defrost valve failure, replace the valve.
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