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What is the reason why the cold chain in my country's refrigeration market is not 'cold'


  What is the reason why the cold chain in my country's refrigeration and refrigeration market is not 'cold'

   With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for food safety and quality. As we all know, the biggest difference and characteristic between cold chain logistics and logistics in other industries is 'coldAt present, most of my country's fresh agricultural products are still in circulation at room temperature, and the cold chain environment coverage rate for perishable products is only about 20%-30%, while the cold chain circulation rate of meat and poultry in developed countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan It has reached about 100%, and the cold chain circulation rate of vegetables and fruits has reached more than 95%, which is a far cry from comparison.

   Experts believe that the reason why my country's cold chain logistics is not 'cold' is that, in addition to the lack of technology, the high cost of cold chain transportation and the lack of integrity mechanisms in the industry are also the main factors.

  The cost of cold chain transportation is high. The cost of cold chain transportation is higher than that of ordinary transportation. If the entire cold chain logistics system is used, the logistics cost of food companies will reach about 50%-70% of product sales. However, if the local method of insulation or normal temperature transportation is adopted, the logistics cost is only 20%. %about. Driven by interests, most food companies choose non-standard fresh-keeping methods such as transportation at room temperature or placing freezers on ordinary cars. Lack of professional and large-scale distribution centers, cold chain logistics is facing the phenomenon of chain disconnection.

  The industry lacks an honesty system. In the cold chain logistics operation system, the businesses in each operation link have irresponsible behaviors. It is believed that the quality of food can be guaranteed as long as the temperature of the cold storage reaches the standard and the refrigerated transportation process reaches the standard from the place of production to the low-temperature logistics cold storage, cold chain transportation and then to the consumer. Some suppliers do not store the goods according to the corresponding temperature, and some third-party logistics providers use refrigeration instead of refrigeration when transporting low-temperature food. The phenomenon of non-compliance with refrigeration often exists. Once something goes wrong, they shirk each other's responsibilities.

   With the ever-improving living standards of citizens, 'healthy eating' has become a trend now and in the future. From production to the end of the food on the consumer’s table, food has gone through many links such as production and processing, frozen storage, transportation and distribution, and frozen sales. Each link is a factor that affects the quality of the food, and only each link has sufficient quality. It is guaranteed that only the frozen and refrigerated food that people eat in their mouths has real quality, and consumers can truly feel the value of the cold chain.

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