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What is the most suitable temperature for fresh-keeping seafood in cold storage?


Seafood is a favorite of many people. Nowadays, you can eat fresh seafood at any time even if you are not in coastal cities. This all stems from the construction of cold storage. With the cold storage, people can eat fresh food anytime and anywhere, so what is the most suitable temperature for the fresh-keeping temperature of the seafood cold storage. Let’s take a look today.

Many seafood will be refrigerated after being caught to ensure their original fresh taste. To put it simply, seafood cold storage is to use cold storage to store seafood and aquatic products. Because seafood needs to be stored at a low temperature, generally the temperature is below -23 degrees Celsius, so seafood cold storage can also be called seafood freezer, seafood quick-freeze Etc., low temperature helps maintain the original quality and flavor of seafood, and at the same time can greatly extend the fresh-keeping time of seafood, generally speaking, it can extend the fresh-keeping time by about 3 to 6 months.

   What is the most suitable temperature for the fresh-keeping of seafood cold storage?

1、 The normal storage temperature of seafood is 0-10℃, used for short-term low-temperature refrigeration, and turnover use;

2.、The aquatic seafood that generally needs a freezer is stored at -25~-35℃, which is used for long-term freezing;

3、 The storage temperature of special types of seafood (tuna) is -60℃, which is also used for long-term freezing 


The fish & meat cold room mainly stores beef and mutton, poultry and seafood. different meat categories also have corresponding temperature and humidity requirements, and should be the most fresh and energy-saving. Let's understand the seafood cold storage room features.

1、Storage Capacity: Customized

2、The cold storage of meat is made of colored steel plate or stainless steel plate. It is non-toxic, tasteless and rust-free. It can reduce the heat transfer caused by the temperature     difference between internal and external, so as to achieve the maximum efficiency of cooling and freezing system.

3、Good thermal insulation: meat cold storage using advanced composite materials as insulation material to make composite slab, its light weight, high strength, good thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti-mite, non-toxic, not mildew, in It can show its superiority at ultra-low temperature.

4、Refrigeration equipment energy saving, low noise: meat cold storage using world famous brand refrigeration compressors, low energy consumption, low noise.

5、Micro-computer automatic digital display electrical controller, automatic constant temperature, meat cold storage without manual operation.

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