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What is the difference between an ice maker and a flake ice maker?


  Many people think that they are not all ice machines? What is the difference between all ice machines? Flake ice machine is only one type of ice machine, and different ice machines have different uses. Today, what is the difference between ice machine and flake ice machine?

What is the difference between    cbfi ice machine and flake ice maker?

There are many types of    ice machines, including flake ice machines, cube ice machines, snowflake ice machines, tube ice machines, bulk ice machines, etc. The shape of the ice produced is different.

  The ice produced by the flake ice machine is made into flakes, one by one, into irregular flakes with a thickness of 1.8-2.2mm. Widely used in supermarkets, hot pot restaurants, food processing, aquatic products processing, seafood and meat cooling and preservation, poultry slaughter, ice factories, industrial chemical cooling, concrete ice making systems and other fields.

  The advantages of flake ice machine:

  一、 The ice can be produced within 1-3 minutes after starting the machine, and the ice can be produced continuously for 24 hours. There is a special freezer storage cabinet. Just take the ice when you need it.

  Second, automatic cycle operation, no waste of water resources.

   Three, flake ice is dry and crisp, uniform thickness, large contact area, flat and dry flake ice, forming a huge contact area with the items to be kept fresh, and good cooling effect. It can ensure the fresh-keeping effect. The flake ice temperature is low, and the flake ice temperature is -7℃. It is soft and has no sharp angles. It will not damage the refrigerated items and has good fluidity.

The use of    ice machine selection

   1. If it is a milk tea shop, bar, KTV, then you need to buy it Edible ice machine, buy small cube ice machine, crescent ice machine, tube ice machine.

   Two, commercial like supermarkets, hot pot restaurants, food processing, aquatic products, seafood preservation. Purchase small flake ice machine, snowflake ice machine.

   Third, if the demand for ice is relatively large, generally buy large block ice machines, large flake ice machines.

   There are differences in the daily ice volume of various ice machines, from the smallest daily output of 20 kg to the largest daily ice output of hundreds of tons, depending on the specific purpose and purpose. need.

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