What is the Chinese caterpillar fungus freeze-dried machining equipment

by:CBFI     2020-10-17
What is the Chinese caterpillar fungus lyophilizer? ? ? Believe that some in the Chinese caterpillar fungus industry veteran who has how many realize, freeze-drying machine can control the size of its water content, can keep the original shape, color and effective components, etc. So in the face of domestic and international numerous freeze-dried vendors would, we Chinese caterpillar fungus lyophilizer and what are the advantages?
1, patented products, cordyceps sinensis is the special equipment to freeze dryer series
we HFD lyophilizer has won two national patents, optional HFD - model 1 and HFD - 4, the voltage is the ordinary household voltage, and the operation is simple, affordable, cost-effective.
2, provides the cordyceps freeze-drying process
believe as freeze-dried vendors would, many manufacturers are free to provide you with caterpillar fungus freeze-drying experiments, the effect of the preparation that you want to. This factory is no exception, but the following is our advantage.
to buy cordyceps lyophilizer, before delivery, in addition to the normal debugging equipment, will also set up special Chinese caterpillar fungus of freeze-drying process, after user hand, can be directly boot - - In the Chinese caterpillar fungus - - Waiting for the end of the program - - Can be after lyophilization cordyceps. The caterpillar fungus freeze-drying process is our after 3 years of accumulated experience, has been senior experts in sichuan, qinghai, many Chinese caterpillar fungus.

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