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What is the cause of the high noise of the ice machine compressor

After the compressor of the ice maker runs normally, through the process of suction-compression-exhaust-condensation-throttling, it evaporates and absorbs the heat in the evaporator at a low temperature of -10 to -18 degrees, and the chilled water is condensed in the low temperature water. Into the ice on the surface of the evaporator. However, when the compressor of the Tube Ice Machine is running normally during use, what will happen if the sound is too loud?    Reasons for the excessive sound of the compressor:   1: The pressure of the refrigerant in the Tube Ice Machine is too high or too low, causing the compressor to fail normal work.   2. There is gas or debris in the refrigerant pipeline, which causes the equipment pipeline to deform.   4. The fan of the air-cooled ice maker is broken, the speed is slow, and the heat dissipation effect is poor, so the ice making speed is slow, and the compressor burns out after a long time.  After using the Tube Ice Machine for a period of time, you need to open the water inlet pipe head and clean the water inlet valve filter to avoid excessive sediment and impurities in the water, which will cause the water inlet to become smaller and cause the equipment to fail to make ice normally. When the ice maker completes each ice making, the excess water cooled in the water tank is discharged, which can achieve the purpose of cleaning and reduce the amount of scale generated in the evaporator and water circulation.
Nowadays, the adoption of cold room supplier in ice maker machine industry is quite common.
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