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What is going on when the ice machine does not cool and heat

The ice machine does not provide cooling and heating, and the solenoid valve is faulty. The solenoid valve needs to be replaced. The following is a summary of the failure analysis of the cbfi ice machine without ice:
1. The machine runs but does not produce ice:
1. The water in the water pan is not enough or there is no water.
2. The reducer is faulty or the reducer motor.
3. System failure and ice block. Dirty and so on.
4. The ice machine is leaking and the pressure is not enough.
5, the thickness of the ice is not enough
2. Decrease in ice production:
1. The capillary tube or expansion valve is blocked.
2. The water in the system is too high and there is a slight ice blockage.
3. The condensing system of the ice maker is blocked.
4. The refrigerant is insufficient or leaking.
5. The evaporator is too dirty.
Three, the compressor works intermittently:
1. The voltage is too low. Check the power supply.
2. The contact point is burnt and the contact is not good.
3. System pressure protection.
4. The compressor starter is malfunctioning.
5, the condenser is too dirty, high pressure protection.
Four, the ice maker leaks:
1. The amount of water supplied to the water pan from the inlet valve is too large.
2. The connection pipe is damaged.
3, pipe hoop failure.
4. The water level float valve is faulty.
Fifth, wet ice borneol is not hard:
1. The ambient temperature is too high, especially in summer.
2. More refrigerant for repaired machines.
3. The water supply of the ice maker's water tray is too large.
4. The power of the press is insufficient.
Six. Excessive noise:
1. The fan of the cbfi ice machine is malfunctioning.
2. The reducer is faulty.
3. The compressor is noisy.
7. System failure is reported when booting:
1. The phase sequence problem.
2. The power supply system is faulty.
3, control board failure
Eight, water shortage alarm:
1. The filter screen of the water supply connector is blocked.
2. The water supply pipe is blocked.
3. The inlet valve is blocked.
4. The drain valve is leaking.
5, water pump failure
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