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What is a low pressure water chiller

Low pressure water chillers contain with high pressure water chiller identical construction: compressor, evaporator, condenser, and the metering device. R - low pressure water chillers are usually adopted 11日,R - Or R - 133 123 as a industrial ice machine. Capacity in most of the small capacity of 150 tons the following cold low pressure water industrial ice machine adopt R - In 133, and the capacity 150 tons of cold low pressure water chiller R - is often adopted 11. Relatively new low pressure water chillers, and those who have retrofit industrial ice machine adopt R - now 123, special occasions industrial ice machine is the R - 114.

since July 1, 1992, the CFC classes and class as industrial ice machine discharged into the atmosphere is a kind of illegal behavior. Since November 15, 1995, the HFC and any other alternative refrigerants atmosphere is also a kind of illegal behavior. In addition, since January 1, 1996, a total ban on using CFC refrigerants, at the same time, the production of CFC refrigerants class is illegal. R - 11日,R - 113年,R - 114 are of low pressure, CFC refrigerants, R - 123 is as industrial ice machine.

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