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What is a freeze-dried food

What is a freeze-dried food? Freeze-dried food is short for vacuum freeze drying food, also calls the FD food. Why call freeze-dried? As the name implies, is the food after freeze drying. How to realize the freeze drying? This requires professional equipment & ndash; — Vacuum freeze drying machine ( Also called freeze drier, freeze-drying machine) 。

put food in vacuum freezing dryer, let food in rapid freezing drying chamber, drying under vacuum. In this way, the appearance of the food is preserved the original material, the original color, aroma, taste and nutrients, and it also has good water. Most important of all, freeze-dried food does not contain any additives, preservatives, is the ideal natural health food. As long as the packing is proper, can even at room temperature of freezing and drying food stored for five years. Moreover, freeze-dried food product is light, easy to carry and transport, is the best way to leisure, tourism, convenience food.

with freeze-drying technology becoming more mature, the use of vacuum freeze drier than has been greatly popularized the 20th century. Freeze-dried food, former nobles, this has been hailed as an astronaut food now quietly entered people's life. Colorful lyophilization of supermarket, green fruit slices, freeze-dried convenient instant soup, freeze-dry dehydration seafood, vegetables, etc. , can be seen everywhere. Ushered in the spring of the development of vacuum freeze dryer.

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