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What equipment is needed to set up an ice factory to sell ice

The types of ice factories are generally classified according to the types of ice they produce. The most common ones are tube ice factories, block ice factories, flake ice factories, slab ice factories, etc. For the selection of an ice plant, many factors need to be considered, such as investment costs, operating costs, technical service support, water supply, and preference for ice types. Bingquan Refrigeration has many years of experience in ice factory design, production, installation, and operation guidance. It is recommended that customers choose direct cooling block ice machines. An ice factory requires the following equipment: a direct cooling block cbfi ice machine, an ice storage warehouse, and an ice crusher. Among ice products, block ice has larger dimensions, and has a small contact area with the outside world. It is not easy to melt. It is suitable for ice sculpture, ice storage, shipping, sea catching, etc. Block ice can be crushed into various forms of ice cubes according to different requirements. After crushing, it is suitable for all places where ice is used. Edible ice factories, ice factories at ports and docks, coffee shops, bars, hotels and other ice places, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and other commercial fields, aquatic products and food preservation, logistics preservation, chemical and concrete projects.
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